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Barron's Advisor Webinar and Report

Unlocking the Future: Business Continuity

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Business as usual was disrupted by a global crisis, but the best advisors in the nation adapted their practices to ensure no lapse in business continuity. Investments in technology and digital marketing enabled advisors to foster deeper and more meaningful relationships with not only their clients but also their teams in a remote work environment over the last 12 months.

Matthew Barthel, Executive Editor, Wealth & Asset Management, Barron’s Group, and Ray Sclafani, Founder and CEO, ClientWise, LLC come together once again to examine findings from a recent survey of the nation’s top advisor practices. They’ll uncover how advisors were able to strengthen client bonds with limited or non-existent in-person interactions through the investment of new technology. They'll also highlight the importance of creating a formalized succession and business continuity plan to ensure the continued care of your clients.
Thu, Aug 19, 2021 · 3:00 PM Eastern

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