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Barron's Advisor: Intelligence Report

Barron's Advisor Report

Unlocking the Future: Growth

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Advisors faced unparalleled challenges over the past year that tested their limits. Yet, in a survey of 800 elite financial advisors, we found they not only weathered the storm but outperformed nearly every major benchmark in comparison to prior years. So what changed, and more importantly, what lessons should advisors hold onto to maintain prolonged success moving forward?

Join Matthew Barthel, Executive Editor, Wealth & Asset Management, Barron’s and Ray Sclafani, Founder and CEO, ClientWise in the first of a two-part webinar series as they examine findings from the latest Barron’s Advisor Intelligence Report: Unlocking the Future. They’ll provide key insights into the forces that skyrocketed the growth of advisor AUM, operating profit, revenue, and more.

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